Greenhouse Film

EVA Light Conversion Heat Preservation Greenhouse Film .

Light conversion, promote the photosynthesis;

Reduce insects & diseaseincrease crops/plants quality & yields (10% more than PE);

Heat Preservation (2-3 °C higher than PE in winter night);

Anti-UV, far infrared transmittance about 35% (much lower than PE);

Anti-aging, working life 12-18 months; Anti-drip, Anti-mist effect about 4-5 months (can customized longer)


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Metallocene Anti-aging, Anti-drip, Anti-mist Greenhouse Film .

With high-tech Anti-drip, Anti-mist layer inside,

better & longer effect of anti-drip, anti-mist (2-3 times of normal).

Light Transmittance over 92%.

High tensile strength & puncture resistance.

Anti-aging, economic & durable.

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Multi-layer Sun Selector Clear Greenhouse Film .

Long-lasting photoselective, caters to different light & warmth demands

Light transmission, light diffusion, thermicity

Stabilization against UV breakdown, anti-aging

Anti-drip, Anti-mist

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Mixed PE+EVA Colored Greenhouse Film .

Light transmission 90%

different colors have different features

Create an balance environment.

Anti-UV, anti-aging and weather resistance.

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Light Blocking Greenhouse Film for Mushroom (white-black) .

excellent reflecting & shading performance;

90% light blocking, 10% light transmission, meets the needs of mushroom product;

reducing inside temperature(3-5 °C lower than outside);


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Light Blocking Greenhouse Film (white-green) .

shading & cooling, long service life,

wind-resistant tensile strength, free from rain, easy melting of snow

(reducing the risk of collapse by strong wind or heavy snow on the proof)

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UV Treated Long Lasting Vegetables Greenhouse Film .

With UV treated to improve the working life reached to 36 months or more.

The special effect of anti-mist  and anti-drip can last for 6 months or more.

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Wind Resistance Pest Inhibition Flowers Greenhouse Film .

Made of high quality resin & additives.

Wind resistance & inhibit the pest activities, reduce disease.

Reduce pesticide dosage, improve the quality of flowers.


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Tear Resistance Light Transmittance Grapes Greenhouse Film .

Good tear strength & light transmittance

Sun selector, boost sugar content and overall quality


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Heat Preservation Fruit Coloring Strawberry Greenhouse Film .

High transparent, anti-aging, anti-drip, heat preservation.

Increase the concentration of sugar, minerals and other substances, improve crop quality and commodity value.


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Promote Growing Hami Melon / Honeydew Thermic Greenhouse Film .

Keep the temperature moderate, maintain the environment in a good physical property.

Promote growing and get the harvest earlier, increase the output.

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Weather Resistance Anti-aging Watermelon Greenhouse Film .

Made of anti-aging material formula.

Anti-drip effect can maintain 4-6 months.

High transparency, high tensile resistance, fast heating up, promoting the watermelon precocious and tasted good.


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